Wednesday, December 21, 2011


ADOBE DREAMWEAVER CS5  is a software for web designing. With thehelp of Adobe Dreamweaver, the bloggers do not have to dealwith the HTML tags are complicated, because everything justclicks only. Dreamweaver is not only intended by the web designers, but Dreamweaver can also be used by programmers tocreate web pages that internaktif, since Dreamweaver supports PHP, ColdFusion, ASP.NET and others.

What's new in Dreamweaver CS5 :

CSS inspection new
Visually display the CSS box model in detail, and easily toggle CSS properties without reading code or needing to use a separate utility.

Integration with Adobe BrowserLab new
Preview dynamic web pages and local content with multiple viewing, diagnostic, and comparison tools.

PHP custom class code hinting new
Display proper syntax for custom PHP functions to help you write code more accurately.

Integration with Business Catalyst new
Leverage integration between Dreamweaver and the Adobe Business Catalyst® service (available separately) to build and host everything from amazing websites to powerful s and lead generating mini-sites.

CSS starter pages enhanced
Jump-start your standards-based website design with updated and simplified CSS Starter Layouts.

Subversion support enhanced
Manage site files more effectively in collaborative, version-controlled environments with enhanced support for Subversion® software.

Site-specific code hinting new
Benefit from code hinting on nonstandard files and directories in Dreamweaver.

Simple site setup enhanced
Set up websites faster than ever, even with multiple servers for staged or networked sites.


Password : xshof


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